Miles Lanier to loose seat on Renraku Board

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Due to a rash of hostile buyouts perpetrated by the Renraku Boardmember, actions implying a push for more power within the AAA, the board of Renraku has scheduled a hearing with the corporate court, attempting to accuse Lanier of attempted corporate sabotage, and take his some 4 million shares from him, shares inherited from Renraku mogul James Sonomish last year.
Miles Lanier could not be reached for comment on the hearing, but his office’s PR office reports that “Mr. Lanier is deeply wounded by the accusations, and plans to fight back with every ounce of strength he has to maintain his position on the Renraku board.”

Lanier’s buyouts of a number of his own company’s holdings has been closely watched by those in the financial world, and while many theories abound as to why he’s been targeting the company he has a controlling interest in, no one can say for sure.

Due to Lanier’s close ties to former schoolmate and Financial Raider Richard Villiers, who last year also had a fortunate inheritance, (2% of Fuichi’s stock, just enough to make him primary shareholder of the electronics corporation,) many suspect that Lanier is sabotaging his old friend’s competitors. If this is the case, many are wondering what Villiers must have offered Lanier in the far side of this act of self sabotage.

-Lamilla Lollipun

Miles Lanier to loose seat on Renraku Board

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