OCT 10 2059

Update on the weird guy: Every morning at 1 pm, this strange guy comes into the bar in a trench coat (who does he think he is Dick Tracy?). He orders 2 beers then heads into the back room (or the Matrix Room as Shadowlord calls it). He comes out later that night and orders a shot and then leaves.

Other than that, the day started normal. I left Great at home for now. I woke up around noon and went into the bar to clean up the mess that was made last night. It seems there’s always a mess. After two months of living here, I know that the guy who runs the bar, Jimmy, lives upstairs. But Shadowlord says we don’t talk about Jimmy. Other than that, there’s the little, hot Asian girl who lives upstairs. She comes and goes but stays on the low down. I haven’t actually met her yet, but I’d like to.
Debbie asked me to fix the taps on the beer kegs once I was done cleaning up. I hate cleaning the taps. Those kegs are as big as I am! The guy in the trench coat tried to hit on Debbie but she wasn’t having it. But it’s fun to watch him try.
Later, Shadowlord asked me to go uptown with him in a few hours to meet up with someone so I said sure. Anything to get out of these stupid chores! But then again, I’m pretty sure I can’t say no considering the circumstances.
After I finished changing the taps, Shadowlord had to go back to the apartment and walk Kibbles and bring him back to the bar so I got to run the bar!!! Finally!
No one came into the bar…
Around 4 pm, Shadowlord and Kibbles got back and sat at the bar for a while. I think he was testing me or something. Little does he know I snuck a beer under the bar while he was gone. Still no customers…
Then these mob guys come into the bar and order a round of drinks then head into the back poolroom. So I end up basically being these guys’ waiter. Then Shadowlord grabs me and we get our equipment and head out to the Fish Market. While we’re in the car, Shadowlord, tells me that we were getting on a yacht! I’ve never been on a yacht!!! But Shadowlord asked me to stay sharp since it’s a job. I mean…when I am not?! Right?! But we’re on a job for his Johnson apparently so I keep my cool.
Around 8 pm, We get to the yacht and there’s this sharp Asian guy standing at the dock. So Shadowlord tells me to stay in the car with Kibbles while he talks to the guy. Then I see Shadowlord and the Asian guy start walking towards the yacht and I’m like, “Woah what?!” I radio to Shadowlord over the commlink to not leave me here so he talks to the Asian guy in the swanky fuckin’ suit and they gesture me to come over. I turn off the car and lock it and leave the Kibbles in the car. He’s not a real fuckin’ dog, right?! Right. Shadowlord and I get on the yacht. As I’m getting into it, I notice the yacht is called, “Amanda” and it was written on the side of it. Who’s Amanda?
Inside…there’s this woman in a super poshy room inside the yacht. There’s a lot of wood and fancy shit everywhere. Oh! And there was a jammer on the yacht so we lost all communication. Which told me one thing…she’s off the grid too! Why? Anyways, she brings me and Shadowlord some water which I’m like, hey…might be poison. I don’t say that Shadowlord but I definitely think it. The woman says her name is Margaret Windsor and says that she’s the manager of band named Chehkov’s Tesla Coil. They’re supposed to be some hot shot band that’s starting to go international but I never heard of them. Apparently, they made a deal with the Triads signing a contract before they were popular. And now…they want out. Mainly, she wants out.
Here’s the offer:
The Tesla Coils are playing at the Jau Long, a sunken ship/yacht thingy at the bottom of the Hudson that’s been transformed into a nightclub. (Awesome! I get to go to a club!) Apparently it’s some kind of Electro music club. Whatever. Basically, she wants up to kidnap her tomorrow night at the concert?! Or at least…make it look like someone kidnapped her?! This bitch… Anyways, she needs to be ‘kidnapped’ and taken from point A (the nightclub) to point B and we have a window of two hours (from 10 pm to midnight.

Shadowlord immediately wants the details and I so do I! I mean, he’s much better at talking biz than I am. I don’t trust this bitch.

Eventually Shadowlord and our client reach an agreement. Margaret draws up a pretty shitty ground plan of the night club and we peace out back to the bar. When we get there the young hot Asian girl introduces herself as Yasu. Apparently she’s joining us on this run. For what reason I’m not sure.
Yasu, Shadowlord, and I bounce around some ideas about how to get but realize we don’t really have a good plan until we scout out the area. Since there’s a concert that’s letting out, we all three hop back in the car and leave Kibbles at the bar. We park a little ways from where the subs are ferrying people back from the nightclub. Yasu goes all ninja stealth shit and vanishes but then trips on her way over and appears out of thin air around a bunch of drunk people laughing at this guy vomiting his face off. So Shadowlord tells me to stay in the car (AGAIN?! What am I, a valet?) and wanders over to try and get a better view. He ends up calling himself Lady Hawk and lines up a deal with a drug dealer who might could get us in then decides to approach one of the subs and try to get into the club saying he forgot something. Well…it worked! Once Shadowlord is in it’s all comm from that point but I’m pretty sure he got busted trying to cast something on a security guard. Anyways Shadowlord takes the last sub back which happens to be with all the roadies and some of the equipment. So he’s out with them tonight, probably getting laid with that chick he met. They sounded real flirty flirty. Yasu drove the car back since I you know… cant. And now I’m sitting in front of my comp reviewing video footage from Shadowlord’s adventure into the nightclub. He told me to draw up some schematics of the place that’s better than what Margaret drew us. I’ll probably use both as a cross reference.


Sorry…that was Great. He started pressing buttons.

Well… Not a lot of sleep for me tonight. But that’s about it for now.



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